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The Perry Castaņeda Library Map Collection (PCL 1.306) is a general collection of more than 250,000 maps covering all areas of the world. Many of the maps are included in our online catalog, UTNetCAT. More than 5,000 map images from our collection are also available online. LOCATION The Map Collection is on the first floor (PCL 1.306) of the Perry-Castaņeda Library, located on the University of Texas-Austin campus. We are located on the southwest corner of 21st and Speedway. Parking garages are available nearby. HOURS The Map Collection is staffed Monday through Friday. Access to the collection is available during all hours the Perry-Castaņeda Library is open. See the Library Hours page for current details. OTHER UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN MAP COLLECTIONS The Center for American History Historical maps of Texas, American Southwest and Texas Soil Surveys. The Benson Latin American Collection Large and medium scale maps of Latin America. The Edie and Lew Wasserman Public Affairs Library FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Texas and other U.S. Government maps. The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center Historical maps. The Walter Geology Library Geologic, scientific and topographic maps. Texas Soil Surveys. CONTACT US Map Inquiries: Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78713-8916 E-Mail: Phone: (512) 495-4275 Fax: (512) 495-4296 Map Librarian: Paul Rascoe, Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78713-8916 E-Mail: Phone: (512) 495-4262 Fax: (512) 495-4296 CHECKING OUT PRINTED MAPS The Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection is an open stack collection. University of Texas students, faculty and staff and the general public are welcome to use our collection. Maps may be checked out for two weeks to users with valid University of Texas ID or other Borrower Cards. When the Map Collection is not staffed, maps may be checked out from the Circulation and Reserves Desk in PCL. We loan maps via Inter-Library Service. All requests to borrow maps must be made at your local library. We do not sell or provide free printed maps. ATLASES We have numerous state, national, thematic and historical atlases. The atlases in the Map Collection are for use in the library. Atlases that may be checked out are located in the PCL stacks. Additional atlases for reference use are available in PCL Reference and Reference Limited on floors 1,3,4,5 and 6. GAZETTEERS Gazetteers provide the location, most often stated as latitude and longitude, for a locality. The most complete listing of international place names is in gazetteers issued by the U.S. Board of Geographical Names which are available in the PCL Map Collection. For the U.S., the eleven volume "Omni Gazetteer of the United States of America" is available at E 154 O45 1991 in the Map Collection. Ask a PCL Map Collection staff member for assistance if you are not able to find an appropriate gazetteer. The call number for country gazetteers can be found in the Reference Guide: PCL Map Collection. Also see Online Gazetteers. MAP COLLECTION The Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection has major holdings of political, topographic and thematic maps of the world, continents, regions, countries, states and provinces. Major map categories include: UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY (USGS) MAPS 1:24,000 Scale Maps are divided by state and are arranged by sheet name within each state. An index is available in the first drawer for each state. The collection retains both the current edition and superceded editions. 1:62,500 Scale Interfiled with the 1:24,000 scale maps. 1:100,000 Scale Filed by sheet name. Includes topographic, planimetric and Bureau of Land Management Surface/Mineral Management Status maps. Index is on top of cabinet. 1:250,000 Scale Filed by sheet name. Index on top of cabinet. Pre-1945 Topographic Maps Topographical maps from late 19th century to 1945. Scale varies, indexed in The Map Index to Topographic Quadrangles of the United States, 1882 - 1940 (GA 405 M64 1985 MAP) INTERNATIONAL MAPS Collections include a large selection of political, road, topographic and thematic maps for continents, oceans, world regions and countries. The Reference Guide: PCL Map Collection includes call numbers for maps and gazetteers for each country or region. AERONAUTICAL CHARTS Eight chart series are available in the vertical file collection. They are the Tactical Pilotage Charts, Operational Navigation Charts, Jet Navigation Charts, Global Navigation Charts, Airport Obstruction Charts, Sectional Aeronautical Charts, Terminal Area Charts and the World Aeronautical Charts. NAUTICAL CHARTS Worldwide coverage at a variety of scales. A printed index is available on top of the map case. OTHER U.S. MAPS A wide-range of base, shaded relief, historic and thematic state maps are available. State maps published by United States Geological Survey (1:500,000 scale) are included in the World Map Collection. The base call number for each state can be found in Reference Guide: PCL Map Collection available in the Map Collection. Census Maps Holdings in the map room include: 1980 Census Tract Maps for the entire U.S., 1980 Block Maps for Texas and 1990 Tract Maps for Texas. Maps for the 2000 Census are available on the Internet. Ask for assistance in locating other census maps. City Maps (Vertical File) Over nine thousand city street maps are available. City maps are filed alphabetically by city name. Flood maps (Vertical File) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood maps for central Texas and major Texas MSAs. Highway Maps (Vertical File) Current road maps for each U.S. State and Canadian Province. Older Highway/City Maps (Vertical File) State and city maps dating back to 1930s. Outline and Base Maps A collection of outline and base maps for continents, world regions, countries and U.S. States. Park and Recreation Maps (Vertical File) Maps of national parks, monuments, forests and Texas State Parks. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Maps for Texas are now online for University of Texas at Austin and TexShare users. The Center for American History owns printed copies of the Sanborn maps for many Texas cities. The Center also owns microfilm for all of the maps of Texas and New Mexico. Sanborn maps for Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi are available on microfilm in the PCL Periodicals and Microforms Collection. Background Information about the Sanborn maps (University of California at Berkeley). Soil Surveys Use this listing of county names to determine which UT Austin library owns the Soil Survey for a particular county. Travis County and Austin Plat Maps 1988 edition MCFICHE 16064 in the PCL Periodicals and Microforms Collection (PCL Level 1). Texas Department of Transportation General Highway Maps Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection The University of Texas at Austin The following maps were produced by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, unless otherwise indicated.

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